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10 stylish gifts under 50 euro

10 stylish gifts under 50 euro

Buying gifts is not always easy. That's why we put together a list of 10 stylish and functional gifts under 50! 

 1. Norm Collector Menu A/S  - €49.95

2. Office Essentials by Nomess from €5

Tip: Combine more accessories from the Nomess Collection into a useful and beautiful gift. 


3. Muuto Dots  from €18.90

Tip: Mix and match various sizes and colours to form the perfect setting. 


4. MY DEER Posters  from €39.50


5. Blade Twist Corkscrew Menu  €38.95

6. Bread Basket set Menu  €49.95

7. Pocket Organiser by Normann Copenhagen from €20.00

Tip: Combine 2 different pockets to create interest 

8. Tea Egg & Tea Normann Copenhagen  €34.00

Tip: Choose from a wide range of colors 

9. Design Letters  from  €15

10. POV Wall Candle Holder Menu  €44.95

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