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Kreafunk. A great unboxing experience.

Kreafunk. A great unboxing experience.

I have to say Im pretty happy with this new addition to our product list.

It´s not only because we believe that at €110 the aMove by Kreafunk is a very interesting option for portable sound devices. Its also the fact that we believe design should be present all the time, at every stage in a design process.

This is how they do it.


This is the first thing you see when you open the box.

Nice Wooden box that comes with it.

Inside the nice wooden box.


And BAM! There it is people. Beautiful simple lines, characteristic of scandinavian design of course.


And There you have it.

So what is better than getting a brand new portable bluetooth 4.0 speaker? Opening the box and finding this. Way to go guys from Kreafunk. you got me at hello. or should I say you got me at "ONE"



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