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Paint it white!

Paint it white!

Every day the shop is looking better.  We decided to go for monochrome, so no more blue, now its white and we love it. I think it makes our kidscorner look nicer, in general, the whole shop looks better, bigger and with more light. It feels more natural.

Every day I enjoy being at the shop even more, and its constant change, I love styling sets and taking pictures. A couple of weeks ago I took my first photo course with one of my favourite Bloggers Anki from  She is amazing, loved to have her here and  the opportunity to learn from her. Her book - Shoot! Fotograferen met je hart. Is an excellent guide for photography in general. 

Our little monochrome corner.

Monochrome, kids bedroom accesories

Monochrome, kinder kamer accesories

 Monochrome, kids playroom

Lucas happy being the first one to colour the Alphabet Soup colouring poster from Rock and Pebble  


And here: a little Inspiration Monochrome rooms.

Monochrome, Sissy and Marley

Source. Sissy and Marley


Monochrome Uber Kid

Source. Uberkid


Monochrome, mittlillehjerte

Source. mittlillehjerte


Monochrome, Sissy and Marley

Sourse. Sissy and Marley


Monochrome, kids Bedroom Design by Dad

Source. Design by Dad


Monochrome Kids Playroom

Source. Alicia and Hudson


Monochrome kids playroom, Uberkid

Source. Uberkid


Monochrome, kids bedroom Sissy and Marley

Source. Sissy and Marley



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