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RAFA Kids.  Modern design for kids and teens

RAFA Kids. Modern design for kids and teens

I can't believe we have them here! 

For a while we had been following the work of this amazing couple from Rotterdam, Agata and Arek, both architects and owners of Rafa Kids. We didn't know much about them until a few months ago when we decided to add Rafa to our collection.

This awesome brand began soon after their 2 sons were born. Agata & Arek searched for fine quality, modern furniture without much luck, so they ended up designing and fabricating their own. Based on many good comments of people that visited their house, the couple decided to start their own company delivering great looking, very functional and playful furniture. Products that encourage creativity and growth.

The simplicity of its design make it very adaptable to many styles and totally different ambients and its bare essential aesthetics give it a timeless quality that will grow with your kids.

Their furniture is designed according to European safety standards, choosing materials suitable for children like non-toxic water based lacquers and conscious about the environment, they are made with European-sourced Birch plywood CNC cut generating virtually zero-waste.

The furniture come in relatively small packages and are very easy to put together. They have done a very good job in making sure that their clients understand how things must be set up, providing very easy to understand step by step visual guidance in a very neatly designed booklet. 

Add to all that its presentation which they do very well. The pictures bellow are all taken from the company's website, Just look at the perfect contrast of the fine details in colour and how they accentuate just enough to make their products look absolutely stunning.

You can really tell they know what they are doing. This is no ordinary furniture company. They take design seriously and are committed to maintaining their high standards at all times.

Rafa Kids m-shelf, natural white

Ra-Fa kids k-desk and x-stool natural

Rafa Kids k-desk and x-stool natural

Rafa kids l-shelf natural white


Rafa kids R-toodler bed natutal x-stool black

Rafa Kids x-stool black

Rafa kids k-desk black yellow

Rafa Kids Swing yelllow

Rafa kids k-desk black & white

Rafa Kids F-bunckbed natural

Rafa kids k-desk and x-stool black

Rafa kids k-desk and x-stool black


It's lovely to find inspiration in couples that work together to accomplish high quality, functional, aesthetic and playful design, always playful.

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