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Adding pink with elegance to your home for spring.

Adding pink with elegance to your home for spring.

Muuto livingroom, Pinkish colour trends for spring 2016, interiors

For some reason that nobody has very clearly, pink is a colour that has been associated with the female sex, at least since the last century.

Our generation was taught a very simple rule that we didn´t really think about: pink is for girls and blue is for boys.  I think it's safe to say today that the equality of gender has come to a point where we have accepted pink as a color to be used by everyone, or have we?

The strong thing about colour is that it goes way beyond our preference. Color is a very important psychological trigger with the power to  influence your mood, among other things. So how can you use it inside of your home without feeling like you are in an episode from Strawberry Shortcake? 

For this we take as a reference this year´s colour trends. Colour Trends are set up by a Company called Pantone, based in New Jersey USA, whose business is solely colour. Every year they gather with a "secret" committee of 10 influential people from the design and fashion industries and set the colour trends for the year to come.

And this year the colour forecast with a pinkish hue is summed up in these three colours: Rose Quartz, Peach Eco and Fiesta. 

pink color trends 2016

 Here are a few ideas you can use to make sure you are not left out from the colour trends this year.

Block table coral, interiors, design, colour trends for spring 2016 

Muuto styled table setting in red and coral, interiors pinkish colour trends for spring 2016

Elevated vase and restore basket from Muuto styling a beautiful Pinkish mood, perfect for the colour trends for spring 2016, pink flowers, interiors

Rooftop party Muuto perfect combination of our pinkish colour trends for spring 2016 in interiors.

Coffee and tea set in pinks and reds by Normann Copenhagen, Pinkish colour trends for spring 2016 in interiors

Bell lamp in new colour white against a soft feminine pink wall make an exquisite playful interior, Normann Copenhagen

Rooftop party Muuto, rose, peach, fiesta, pinkish colour trends for spring 2016

 E27 pendant lamp and nerd chair from Muuto styled in a pink wall, interiors, colour trends spring 2106

Lovely livingroom set styled by Irina Graewe, Pinkish colour trends for spring 2016

As you can see, you can go for a dominant colour and play with different hues of the three while giving accents of natural materials or subtle contrasts with greys or other neutral colours just to have focus points where your eyes can go to.

At the end it's all a matter of taste you can use these as an example and it might help you make a few decisions.

Thanks for reading.



Photo credits: cover) benjamin 1) muuto 3) Lady 4) Muuto design 5) unknown 6) Nina Bruun 7) Normanncph 8) Normann Copenhaguen 9) Muuto 10) Live Loud Girl 11) Tiziana Tosoni

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