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20 objects to use pink in side of your home.

20 objects to use pink in side of your home.

 If you are looking to add pink with style this spring season here are 20 objects that can fit very nicely to any interior space.



Oslo 3-seater by 

Oslo Sofa, rose Muuto

String pocket by Strinning Nielsen

String pocket pink.

SOFT GRID by Anderssen & Voll

Soft grid cushions by Muuto, light red, red and tangerine,

Tea egg by Made By Makers

Tea egg, Normann Copenhagen Pinkish colour trends 2016 

Spring Tea with Roses by Anne Lehmann

Spring Tea by Anne Lehmann for Normann Copenhaguen

Loom by Simon Key Bertman

Loom throw, Muuto hand woven, multiple tones, pink, red, rose, nude

Form armchair by Simon Legald


Form arm chair upholstered, rose, Normann Copenhagen

 Elevated vase by Thomas Bentzen

Elevated vase Mutto, rose, handmade, wood and glass



Unfold lamp by Form Us With Love

 Unfold pendant lamp in dusty red, soft silicon rubber, from Muuto

Color Box by Henriette W. Leth

Color box pink, Normann Copenhagen 

Drops by Lars Tornøe

The dots pink, Muuto, coat hook, wooden

Krenit Salad Set by Herbert Krenchel
Shoehorn by Nis Øllgaard
Pinch Cheese Grater by Böttcher Henssler Kayser
Beater Whisk by Ding3000

Rose accesories for the kitchen, Normann Copenhagen

Watch Me Wall Clock by Rasmus Gottliebsen

Watch me wall clock in pink, Normann Copenhagen

E27 Pendant by Mattias Ståhlbom

e27 pendant lamp in pink from Muuto

Restore Basket by Mika Tolvanen

Restore basket Muuto in tangerine, felt

Nerd Chair by David Geckeler

Nerd chair in pink, rose from Muuto 

Dropit Hooks by Asshoff & Brogård


Dropit hooks - coral by Normann Copenhaguen

Rest - 3- Seater by Anderssen & Voll

Rest sofa three seater - rose by Muuto

Flip Mirror by Javier Moreno

Flip mirror in blush, Normann Copenhagen

 Fiber Chair by Iskos Berlin

Fiber arm chair, wood base upholstery, dusty red Muuto

If you want inspiration on how to use pink in your house read our last post Adding pink with elegance to your home for spring.
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