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Why you need to know about String

Why you need to know about String

The string® shelving system is a classic piece of Scandinavian design that has stayed actual and increasingly vibrant through the years. Designed in 1949, it was just one of those naturally born products with which people connected to since the beginning.

string® was born from a simple premises. People started reading but in order to buy books, they needed a way to store them. Sweden’s biggest publishing house, Bonnier, understood this need and organized a competition with this theme. The shelf had to be affordable, simple to transport and easy to assemble. Architect Nils Strinning’s string® system met all the competition requirements and more, winning first prize and becoming a time proven example of good design.

The light aesthetic, modularity and simplicity keep string® actual 60 years after its launch. While the design has remained basically the same, the system has evolved to fit naturally into our “updated” lifestyles. The signature “ladder” like side panels allow maximum customization, according to the users’ needs and make it highly recognizable. New contemporary finishes and combinations enhance the shelf’s aesthetic features and keep string® a trendsetter in interior design.

Another thing that I love about String is that they know how to keep things interesting and continue to inspire their clients. Their latest 2016 campaign created by icon stylist Lotta Agaton and is absolutely stunning. Lotta’s brilliant sense of style and use of color and texture, highlights the system’s ease of use and sleek integration in any setting, topping it off with an edgy black on black kitchen styling.

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