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Frame. The elegant flexible storage solution - By Lassen

Frame. The elegant flexible storage solution - By Lassen

 FRAME is a flexible storage solution that began with a sketch made by architect Mogens Lassen back in 1943. Inspired by the popularity of cubism, Mogens Lassen envisioned a number of square boxes in cubic frames which could be placed together in a whole variety of ways creating multiple possibilities por personalized storage and display settings.

Many years later the By Lassen design team rediscovered the architect's sketches, and following a long developmental stage introduced the Frame system in 2013, proving to be very popular, it was given the prestigious German Design Award.

The beauty of the system lies of course in the liberty of its customization. The different sizes colours and components let you, the end user, design your own system to make it work exactly as you need it in many different areas of your home.

Weather it's at the entrance of your house to receive guests, as glassware storage in your dinning room or even as a great big bookshelf! the Frame system is a great solution that will not only look great in any space of your home, but one that will last for many years due to its extraordinary craftsmanship.

Get inspired by these images that we have setup or build your own via the ByLassen configurator to make the exact match your home has been waiting for.

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