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Muuto  spring/ summer 2017

Muuto spring/ summer 2017

New colours, new sizes and new products announced in Milan this year by Danish design brand Muuto. 

Focus Table Lamp / Andreas Bergsaker

FOCUS’ ash wood body highlights its tactile qualities, Nordic expression, and moulding and forming abilities. The lamp’s  integrated tray formation is an ideal space to perch objects, its small bell-shaped head gives it a fine and poetic character, complementing the warm presence produced by the lamps subtlety. FOCUS lamp fits seamlessly on a windowsill or a shelf deserving of special attention and will be available in black.

With this lamp Andreas Bergsaker joins Muuto´s design team.

Ambit Rail / TAF Architects

An extension to the AMBIT series, Stockholm-based TAF Architects have developed a new interpretation of the quintessential billiard table lamp. AMBIT RAIL is constructed out of three shades mounted onto a tube; a well-known yet charming typology which showcases what seems like a reformed, modernised chandelier. The AMBIT RAIL leaves a minimal yet striking impression which compliments a diverse set of surroundings.

A key focus in the design process was the fluidity of the lamp. All joints and cables are hidden, and the supporting wires are remarkably thin, causing the lamp to seamlessly float in mid-air. 
Ambit Rail is available in Black, White and Grey.

Five Pouf XL / Anderssen & Voll

With a new and exaggerated diameter, FIVE POUF XL is an adaptable, yet elegant piece capable of leaving a lasting impression. Created by Norwegian design duo Andersen & Voll, the FIVE POUF XL is upholstered in Denmark using Kvadrat textiles.

The pouf’s pentagon shape creates an ideal silhouette for versatile settings. From afar, the way the textile drapes around the perimeter along with the exposed stitching highlights the intricate attention to detail. 
 The Five Pouf XL is only available as a made to order variant and comes in wide range of colors and textiles.

Halves Side Table by MSDS Studio

HALVES successfully finds the beauty in its technical form and a healthy balance between aesthetic and functionality. The table is crafted out of an acrylic stone composite, making it a steady and an approachable platform; the epitome of MSDS. The Canadian based collective cleverly capture the essence of Nordic design.

HALVES’ distinctive rounded edges showcase precision, while the seamless joints help to construct the asymmetric body. The second level shelving allows the table to transform simply by placing it at various angles. This provides the ability to highlight a complex, yet uncluttered profile. HALVES works perfectly beside a sofa, as a bedside table, or a standalone surface both in a private and public setting.

Accent / Margrethe Odgaard

ACCENT compiles a mixture of Nordic design and a playful disposition. From Danish designer Margrethe Odgaard, the cushion highlights her love for bold innovative thinking.  The simplicity of the soft canvas form allows the scaled canvas print to mimic a traditional weave, adding visual texture. At first glance, the colours seem vivid and the expressions varied due to the tight composition, but on a closer inspection, the intricate elements become illuminated.

ACCENT cushion is made from 100% printed cotton and available in four colors, which work well alone but also complement one another. It is a compelling and eye catching piece, ideal to accompany any lounging area or relaxing space.
Sway / Tina Ratzer
Created by Danish weaver and textile designer Tina Ratzer, Muuto introduces SWAY; a fine merino wool throw, which unites aesthetics with comfort. The throw is jacquard-woven, a technique producing complicated patterns, which appear equally beautiful on both sides of the throw. The throw is made from 100% Merino wool using ultra-fine yarns to give SWAY a silk like quality and softness, despite having an obvious robust nature. 

E27 / Mattias Stahlbom 

New Colors: Nude & Olive

E27 has become a Muuto icon: A striking naked bulb that plays with the subtle aesthetics and simplicity of industrial design. The lamp can be used as a single light source, in pairs, rows or even in clusters to create a modern Scandinavian chandelier.


 Unfold / Form Us With Love

New Colours: Olive & Nude 

UNFOLD's soft silicon rubber shade creates a unique and playful take on the classic industry lamp design. With a warm and modern appearance, the choice of material and variety of available colors makes UNFOLD an affordable design lamp suitable for multiple settings.  

Text and images from Muuto

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