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New Nordic Design

New Nordic Design

Enduring aesthetics, functionality and craftsmanship combined with innovative materials, techniques and creative thinking have made Danish design brand Muuto one of top players in it's field in under 10 years since the company was founded.

In 2016, Muuto is bringing new perspectives on Scandinavian design with their New Nordic Collection. Here are some of our favourites and new additions to the shop!



The CONTROL lamp is an interesting redesign of the naked E27 bulb that invites the user to control the lamp's light using the playful control dial.

Designer: TAF Architects



FRAMED is a new perspective to the classic framed mirror; it is a decorative design piece that leads your thoughts to installation art. It comes in two sizes and three colour versions. The coloured glass challenges the function of a classic mirror and adds the dimension of decoration to an interior setting. 

Designers: Anderssen and Voll


Mini Stacked is a small and more versatile version of the already well known STACKED Shelving System. The modules are more flexible due to their reduced size and can also be wall mounted in addition to the classic clips solution. and used also in the kitchen and bathroom. 

Designer: Julien de Smedt



The Fiber Collection is expanding this year with the Side Chair. The shell is made from an innovative bio-composite material that includes 25% wood fibers which give the chair a whole new warm character.  Also, in 2016 the Fiber Collection is growing with an all black version for all the models! 

Designer: Iksos Berlin



The FIVE pouf explores the possibility and tension of the pentagon shape. The quilted ribs are seemingly wrapped around its shape and enhance the dynamics of its five sides. 

Designer: Anderssen & Voll



The GRAIN lamp combines classic minimalistic design with the use of innovative new materials and brings a new perspective to the pendant lamp genre.  The composite used in the lamp’s construction adds an unexpected softness and warmth to GRAIN, giving its simple form lots of character.  

Designer: Jens Fager




Ambit is a timeless and versatile pendant with a strong character. The dynamic between liniar and rounded shapes creates the attractive outline of the lamp.

Designer: TAF Architects

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The BASE table casts the iconic shape of a table, as straight forward as a child's drawing. The result is a table series with a light and welcoming look made from robust materials.

Designer: Mika Tolvanen

SHADES  Vases and bowls 

Creatively blurring the line between decoration and function, SHADES come as two different sized bowls and a vase and represent intriguing design for everyday life. Made from dyed clay and hand polished after being burned in a kiln at 1350 degrees, SHADES features a faceted pattern with a smooth surface.

Designer: Anne Jorgensen



The RESTORE storage family, designed by Mika Talvanen, is made from polymer felt from recycled plastic bottles, softly shaped for a friendly appearance. The new collection brings stylish new colours to the Restore baskets.

Designer: Mika Tolvanen




The VISU chair family has a precise and detail-focused design. With a choice of three different bases, many colours and various textiles there is a VISU for any home or interior design.

Designer: Mika Tolvanen


Clean lines and precise proportions give the CONNECT sofa a modern yet timeless look. 11 different modules provide numerous possibilities for creating the optimal customized sofa setting

Designed by: Anderssen & Voll



AROUND is a set of coffee tables with a modern and unique identity, produced with materials and craftsmanship that reflect traditional Scandinavian design values. 

Designer:  Thomas Bentzen 



The classic couch is given a fresh new perspective with the warmly welcoming look and feel of the rest sofa. The sofa's strongly defines back and frame is combined with soft cushioning for maximum comfort. 

Designed by:  Anderssen & Voll





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