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Ferm Living news collection SS17

Ferm Living news collection SS17

The new Spring/Summer 2017 collection goes back in time to unite the contemporary expression of Ferm LIVING with a glimpse of bygone eras.

Inspired in the atmosphere of French salons in the decadent days with a mélange of bold contours and tranquil textures that bring to life ensembles of charismatic designs.

A new line of bedding, mirrors with antique effects & cushions made from a very eclectic bouquet of fashion textiles.

Here some of our favourites:


Herman Chair, Mingle Table, Dual Floor Vase

 Punctual Shelving System-Rose, Plant Box

Akin Knitted Dish Towel

Buckle Jar, Buckle Papertowel Holder, Blend Kitchen Towel

Medley Knit Cushion, Hush Duvet Cover-Milkyway

Coupled Candle Holder, Colour Block Bed Cover

Hush Duvet Cover-Light Blue

Adorn Mirror, Herman Laundry Stand,  Sento Hand Towel, Sento Bath Towel


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