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Normann releases new products for fall 2016 in M&O

Normann releases new products for fall 2016 in M&O

The fall version of Maison & Objet took place in Paris last weekend and with it came wonderful new product releases by Danish design brand Normann Copenhagen; these are some of our favourites:

New in lighting:

Flow table lamp
Designed by Andreas Kowalenski

A modular LED table lamp with very flexible positioning and minimal & flowing design

Rise wall lamp
Designed by Marianne Andersen.

An attractive blend of a minimalistic design with friendly appearance. 

Stage Floor Lamp
Designed by Something design studio

A directable floor lamp, which formally expresses the natural gesture of pointing the light where needed.

Momento desk lamp
Designed by Something design studio

A friendly desk lamp characterised by a simple and intuitive light positioning system.

Amp lamp White
Designed by Simon Legald

A whole new look for the popular Amp Lamp, now available in white.


New furniture:

Journal Desk
Designed by Simon Legald

A coloured desktop that flirts with a light steel frame it's functional down to the smallest detail with a very inviting appearance.

Jet Shelf
Designed by Simon Legald

A light aluminium shelf with spacious design and a clear-cut industrial silhouette, making it appear like a part of a jet fighter’s aerodynamic construction.

Analog magazine rack
Designed by Simon Legald

A magazine rack with a modern and underplayed design, which allows beautiful printed matter to come into its own.

Horizon Mirror
Designed by Kashkasch

With a simple geometric design, the kaschkasch mirror variations create a poetic play on reflections.


Normann Copenhagen as presented in Maison & Objet 2016

Designed by Hans Hornemann, the design of their stand was inspired by how you move through the fair.

“Large furniture pieces that catch the eye are presented on the outside, while smaller items and more details are displayed on the inside. Openings in between these environments let the visitor peak into the inside of the booth, and arouse curiosity to explore the inside.”

A bar area and Form Barstools - shining with new chrome legs - invite to sit and talk about the new products.

The setup evokes a contrast between hard and soft: brushed steel in the back stands against the soft carpet and velour materials.

An area of deep blue creates an office setting that presents the new Journal desk in light blue together with the Form chair, the Bold wall clock and the Flow table lamp.

The Rise wall lamp in it's four different colors.

A subdued bordeaux red environment presented the Ace collection in sophisticated velour. 


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