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Oslo vs Era sofa, one tough decision!

Oslo vs Era sofa, one tough decision!

Today we had 2 lovely ladies from the Canarian Islands in the shop. It's always super nice to have people who speak spanish. They wanted a small pink sofa for their living room and these are the two beauties we suggested:

Oslo sofa - Designed by Anderssen & Voll for Muuto 

Oslo Sofa 2 seater measures
Price € 3,144.00 in rose textile, with a delivery time of 8 to 10 weeks
rose textile for Oslo sofa
The price is €2.995,00 in the following fabrics with an expected delivery time of 10 workdays:
oslo sofa color textiles

Era Sofa - Designed by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen   

Era Sofa, rose with walnut legs
Height: 77 cm   Length: 145 cm   Depth: 75 cm    Sitting height: 38 cm
Price with steel legs and fame textil  €2.300,00
Price with chrome legs and fame textil    €2.400,00 
Price with oak wood legs and fame textil   €1.950,00
Price with walnut legs and fame textil  €1.950,00
Delivery time 8-10 weeks, Available in a big variety of color and fabric
Era sofa legs
She told us she has a grey couch and an orange carpet, and she liked the rose color. We think both of them can look great, which one would you prefer?
Era Sofa rose
or 2:
Osla 2 seater rose
Oslo sofa
Leaf lamp black - Muuto
Aug 19, 2017

Hello, what shade is that lovely pink Era sofa please?


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