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A simple area for living.

A simple area for living.

August is here, and with it came big news! we just found a house available to rent starting on September in the exact neighbourhood we wanted.

But of course, before moving out, I wanted to get some images as proof of what became of our first house in Eindhoven.

Ill start first with the Living area, my favourite of this house. The old wooden floor makes it super cozy and gives a nice warm feeling to our mostly black & white interiors. 

And with the help of our sleek Wire Base & Pot and my beautiful fern, we were able to get some green indoors raising the level of coziness even higher.

As an added touch, the Bell Lamps by Simon Legald give a slight industrial feel to the scene.

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In a corner I have my little work space which is extremely useful, especially when I need to work and be a mom at the same time. With a couple of Dots from Muuto iI can leave purse and backpack everytime I get home.

Sometimes I feel i might have a problem with light and lamps, I never seem to have enough!.... 

For the living room I choose a Franklin Chandelier, and our kids' lego corner got a bright yellow Unfold Lamp from Muuto which I've been crazy about for a very long time.


Behind our second hand couch from IKEA we set up 2 mini stacked shelves, where we put some of our nicest accessories.

I brought the FUWL Cage Table to my house for the photo shoot but, as much as I love it, I think we need something bigger and more stable, my kids like to dance and tend to get on top of anything they have closeby.  ; )

And last but not least, Lucas' Lego corner. He loves to put his favourite creations in his black String Pocket.

I'm going to miss this nice living area, but I'm sure the next one can be even nicer.


Thanks for reading! 

And thanks Poeijerstraat, it has been real!

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