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Summer blues

Summer blues

If you tilt your head back and look at the sky on a sunny summer day you will find yourself contemplating a sea of blue. Blue is the cloth with which nature endows sky and sea and also the most liked colour worldwide, making it nothing short of colour royalty. 

From freedom inspiring light shades to trustworthy and strong dark blues, the palette expands to give us as many emotions as the clear summer sky. Blue induces a feeling of peace and tranquility above everything else, reduces stress, slows the metabolism and gives you space to think. 

Form table and chairs Normann Copenhagen, blue, interiors, Scandinavian design

Blue interior accessories bring style and can be combined with metallic elements or other shades of blue.

Ferm living blue, furniture, terrazo, scandinavian design

Herman chair, Quilt cushion

The dark blue colour, playful shape and tailored strips make the Five Pouf by Muuto evoke visions of aromatic lavander fields. 

Combining various blue shades can result into a an intriguing combination like this inspiring setting from @Normanncph

Era sofa and lounge, normann copenhagen Blue, interiors, scandinavian design, furniture

A bright blue accent like the Unfold lamp from Muuto is sure to draw everyone's attention and bright up any space.

Light blues can bring freshness into any interior. A light tint can be just enough to get a lively yet tranquil space. Combine it with white for more lightness and summer feel. 

Form Chair


Pocket Organizer

Geo Vacuum Jug, Geo Tray, Geo Sugar Bowl, Tea Set

The beautiful blue tinted Norm Dinnerware from Menu will surely make those fabulous summer meals with family and friends unforgetable. 


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