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Mexican contemporary with a touch of Scandinavia

Mexican contemporary with a touch of Scandinavia

So the whole idea behind Crioll is about combination, combination of cultures, about mixing our roots with the world´s and, even though it may sound difficult to accomplish, when design is stripped off of non essentials and brought to a contemporary setting the result is perfectly obtainable.

Last time we were in México we could not let the opportunity pass. We made a visit to one of our best clients, whom have been supporting us ever since we began almost 8 years ago.

It´s a great setting to play with because we are surrounded by fine latin-american contemporary art and many of the furniture they have we designed back in the day.


The Amp table lamp in its black/smoke version atop 

Here we have the Bottle Grinder from Menu AS next to a flower pot by Colectivo 1050º made from the traditional black clay.

Accessories from Menu AS and Normann Copenhagen on the kitchen countertop with a beautiful sunny day in the back.

Good, simple design blends well in serene context.

The Leaf Floor lamp with a beautiful backdrop fits perfectly with its simple lines.

Again the Leaf lamp from Muuto Design, this time in its table version next to a Tumbler alarm Clock from Menu AS

Here, a bookshelf we designed circa 2013 creating a nice contrast with itself and its surroundings. 

And to finish, a Flip Mirror from Normann Copenhagen.


Design is all around us all the time, its mostly a matter of getting rid of what we don´t need to make the nice things pop up. 

We hope you like the pictures. Thanks for reading!

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