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Bachelor pad at Strijp

Bachelor pad at Strijp

Last week we finished the interior of a very nice apartment in the Strijp area of Eindhoven. We got to style the entrance, the kitchen, the living room and dinning room. Our client was going for a serious, elegant look with a relaxed vibe.  

dinning Ekkerstraat

Everything began with the Form table and chairs from Norman Copenhagen, he had already set his eyes on them and was almost convinced, he was not entirely sure about the colour though.

He was tired of having mostly black and white and wanted to add some colour just not too much of it. So we decided to use blue and mix it with black, white and grey.

With the beautiful Edge rug, we made a clear contrast from the grey flooring, and then went back to grey for the couch adding more textures over it with the cushions and throw.

The colour blue in a dark shade, mixes very nicely with the array of grey, black and white all around. The simplicity of the Twin table, mixed perfect with the blue rug and of course the sofa.

We set the furniture in place and added the extra touch with accessories. Throws, baskets, vases and beautiful objects that are practically art pieces. 

And all though we had to take a few decorations out, we made sure our client's personality stayed very present.

The Compile shelving system generates an amazing showcase for everyday objects that are nice to look at, it is extremely funcional and looks awesome.

He already owned a beautiful white Smeg fridge, which we love, but it was set against an also white wall, which to be honest took a lot of the beauty out of it. And since the kitchen was already black, we thought painting the wall black would make a very big difference. We complimented that wall with a light grey Folded shelf to make the space even more functional.

 And put a Hideaway trash bin in the corner with the black backdrop.

The hallway had not been considered as part of the project but once we setup a Framed Mirror and a Folded shelf, this time in black, it not only looked great it felt a lot bigger.

It was a great experience and the client is very happy with his new place. It feels fresh, very masculine and at the same time pretty cozy. 

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