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Queretaro City Forum.

Queretaro City Forum.

Recently we have been asked to design the interiors of The City Forum of Queretaro in México. While the project is still under development we have created a series of mood boards that give an understanding of what we want to accomplish.

The building is a big center for exhibitions and we are to deal with the common space between the exhibition halls and the terrace.

The project involves new furniture and renovation for the cafeteria, the dinning area and multiple lounging spaces that are spread all over the forum.

The cafeteria should have a very urban and contemporary look. It needs to speak that it is part of the city and our daily lives. while at the same time making an emphasis with dark wood and black steel. 

The Lounge area should adapt to the indoor environment and blend with its context. We look for Islands within the common space that invite the user to sit back and relax. Soft colours, simple contrasts that make the lounge areas stand out above its surrounding.

The furniture proposed for the exterior areas needs low maintenance, is light weight looking for a serenity in its design, so it standing out as a whole and not independent elements.

The sun and the wind are important factors in Queretaro, being it a part of the semidesert. So we are proposing fixed sun/wind protection that defines the space beneath it while at the same time giving freedom in its transparency with outside space.

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